Frozen Drink Delivery Systems
Chill-Rite manufactures state-of-the-art delivery systems that meet a wide variety of dispensing applications.
The diagram below depicts our exclusive Auto Fill System.

- 15 gallon batch mix reservoir keeps in cooler for large reservoir
- Easy to clean - front flush entire system at one time
- No maintenance
- Auto-fill Control Board mounts in cooler/pump room. One panel per product.
- The Auto-fill Control Board mixes, refrigerates, and delivers cocktails “on demand” from a remote location to dispenser (up to 500 ft. away).
- If 15 oz. of frozen margarita is dispensed, then the system immediately delivers 15 oz. of ice cold margarita product to the hopper.
- There is virtually no waste and no accidents

The Auto Fill System is applicable to frozen cocktails, cocktails on the rocks, smoothies, specialty drinks and alcohol or non-alcohol products.