- 32 degree frost rail, 5 degree liquor system and 0 degree frost rail combined into one system!
- Dispense any liquor directly from bottles at -5 degrees to +5 degrees
- Mounted on 48" x 9.25" x 2" Frost Rail
- LED lighting illuminates liquor bottles for enhanced merchandising
- Customer has option of 4 domes, 5 domes or 4 domes with Yeti Beer Tower

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The formation of white, frosty ice is dependent upon environmental conditions that are beyond CHILL*RITE’s control.  Factors such as low humidity, directional air movement, cross ventilation, heat sources, outdoor applications and high humidity may impact ice formation.  CHILL*RITE maintains that our systems create the presence of ice.  We make no assertions that ice formation will be white, frosty and thick at all times.