Copycats are a dime a dozen! There is only ONE ORIGINAL!
Chill-Rite Manufacturing is the very best in beer / beverage dispensing for the entire foodservice industry! All Chill-Rite systems are patent protected. We lead the industry in technology, performance and customer service. In 1991, Chill-Rite designed and patented The 32 Draft Beer System. This glycol chiller revolutionized the draught t/ draft beer dispensing industry. It introduced the concept of dispensing draught beer at 32 degrees and it chilled the beer independent of the walk-in cooler temperature. In the course of just a few years the entire draught industry started to move towards the idea of “the colder the better.” 

Chill-Rite History
Located in Slidell, LA, Chill-Rite is a family owned and operated business that specializes in long draw beer dispensing systems. We build full systems that are engineered to be the finest quality and most service and user friendly in the industry. Started as a refrigeration service company in 1968 that developed a niche servicing refrigeration decks on fountain machines, Chill-Rite evolved as a remanufacturing and redistribution facility for fountain equipment and soda systems. 

Chill-Rite Mission
Our mission is to build draught beer dispensing equipment that is innovative, easy to install, maintenance free, and truly superior in quality and performance to the competition. Our patented systems guarantee 32 degree beer at the faucets with no exceptions. We are the only manufacturer in the industry with such capabilities. 

Our advanced technology gives Chill-Rite the opportunity to:
- Customize a system to your exact application
- Guarantee results and remain very competitive on pricing

What is the CHILL*RITE 32 difference?  
We are often asked, “What makes CR different and better than the competition?" The difference is that our beer systems dispense the keg beer at 32 degrees regardless of the keg temperature in the walk-in.  Simply put, the kegs may be 40, 50, 60+ degrees in the walk-in cooler and the Chill-Rite beer system will reduce that temperature in the lines to 32 degrees.  With that much temperature control, the draft beer does not pour any excess foam.  The operator gets every drop of beer from the keg and pours virtually NO WASTE!  The operator will dramatically increase his / her profits from selling draft beer when that beer is dispensed through a Chill-Rite beer system.  Furthermore, we guarantee that the beer will pour at 32 degrees or it’s FREE! 

The competition’s systems are all designed to only maintain the walk-in keg temperature.  Those systems do not reduce the temperature at all!  If the walk-in is 50 degrees then those systems will dispense 50-52 degree beer at the taps.  The competition will insist that the keg cooler hold 35 degrees at all times.  This is not realistic!  Due to traffic in / out the cooler, age, use / misuse, the keg cooler rarely holds 35 degrees.  Thus, the competition’s beer systems pour warm, foamy beer.  The operator dumps 25% - 50% of the keg beer down the drain in the form of foam/waste and lost profits.  The competition does not guarantee performance and does not coordinate and manage all installations for smooth turnkey performance.