Gas Panels are pre-assembled at the factory for ease of installation and operation. Each panel is designed to meet a specific application. Pre-assembled gas panels control flow rate of beer to the taps by precisely regulating the pressures and volumes of CO2 applied to the kegs.

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Blended Systems N-CO2
Mechanically mixes N & CO2 and ensures proper carbonation of kegs.
Maximizes life of kegs.

- Delivers excellent product at tap
- Ideal for beer gardens
- Nitrogen does not react with beer
- Lower operational cost than Allegale 13

- Requires operator to purchase Nitrogen & CO2 separately & manage gas supplies
- Blender shuts down to prevent accidental over
& carbonation when Nitrogen empties
- Operator risks lost sales due to mismanagement of  Nitrogen & CO2 consumption


Highly Recommended Beer Pump System
Allows operator to pressurize all kegs with pure CO2 (absolute best gas for beer).
Maintains natural carbonation of kegs.

- Delivers excellent product tap
- Ideal for 90% beer applications in industry
- No management of N & CO2 supply required
- Lowest operational cost
- Can be used to dispense stouts
as well as all other beers
- Easy to operate - low maintenance
- Locking mechanisms keep pressures
at factory settings
- Beer pump system comes standard with FOB's

- Slightly more expensive
- Requires more hardware in walk-in