Towers & Dispensing Heads

Chill-Rite designs, engineers and fabricates many styles of beer towers to fit any décor. All towers are engineered to complement the other components of the equipment package so that the system operates as a cohesive system. Towers are built with Chill Rite 32 custom heat exchanges located inside the towers…

Chill-Rite 32 custom heat exchangers maintain ice cold temperatures from keg to glass.All heads are foamed in place for additional strength and R-value

Restrictors are factory engineered and systems are custom balanced to every application

Threaded rods mount through counters for strength and reliability

Metal mounting templates ensure precision

Chill-Rite offers Yeti, T-Tower, Wall Mount, Undercounter, Bridge Towers, Soffit Towers

LED Towers, and specialty towers upon request!

All TT, THT, Bridge, and Soffit Towers are available with LED Temperature Readouts

Chill Rite offers Distinctive, Brew Pipe, Yeti, Bridge etc.
Chill Rite offers a wide variety of Wine Dispensing towers that may be incorporated into any system – see tower brochure for details.

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