Chill-Rite's “On-The-Rocks” Drink Delivery System allows operator to batch mix specialty drinks to any positive pressure dispenser.

- 15 gallon batch mix reservoir keeps in cooler for large reservoir
- Easy to clean - front flush entire system at one time
- No maintenance
- Auto-fill Control Board mounts in cooler/pump room. One panel per product.
- The Auto-fill Control Board mixes, refrigerates, and delivers cocktails from a remote location to dispenser (up to 500 ft. away).
- There is virtually no waste and no accidents

Used in a Wide Range of Applications:
- Mexican and Other Restaurants
- Fast Food Chains
- Bars
- Night Clubs
- Hotels
- Pool and Patio Bars
- Cruise Ships
- Beach Bars

Suited For a Variety of Drinks:
- Margarita Dispensing
- Hurricanes and Hand Grenades
- Lemonade
- Juice
- Any pre-mix Beverage